The LEGION Revision Knee System – A Comprehensive Knee Replacement Option

The LEGION Revision Knee System is a one of the newest designs in knee replacement surgery with its simple and efficient instrumentation and extended variety of implant options which are suited to the needs of each patient.

This revolutionary product features a fully interchangeable stem, more cemented, press-fit, short-stem options, increased distal, posterior, and L-wedge options, 360 degree offset instrumentation for tibia and femur, a rigid connection to reamer or trial shaft, and a cutting plane (block) which rotates medially and laterally.

OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium is the material in the femoral components. These offer reduced wear in knee replacements. In addition OXINIUM femoral components contain no nickel content, reducing any chances of metal sensitivities.

The LEGION Revision Knee System is more comprehensive in offering surgeons flexibility in adjusting the system’s components intraoperatively. While the average knee replacement lasts approximately 15 years, the LEGION Revision Knee System’s life span is estimated around 30 years.

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