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How can the Arthritis Foundation help you?

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Product Review: Icy Hot Arthritis Lotion

IcyHot Arthritis Pain Relief Micro-Encapsulated Menthol Lotion Icy Hot Arthritis Lotion is a micro-encapsulated lotion used in the temporary relief of arthritis pain. It is available for around $6-8 at most chain and retail drug stores.

Icy Hot Lotion is applied generously to the affected area and massaged until it is absorbed thoroughly into skin.

A word of advice, however: don’t overdo it. I found the menthol aroma a bit strong with only a small amount. On the other hand, I found the combination of both cold and then heat sensations working on my knee almost right away and improvement from pain within 5-10 minutes. While results may vary from person to person, I would recommend both this and other products in the Icy Hot line.

CAUTION: After using, wash hands with soap and cool water. Consult a doctor before using on children under age 12


Product Rating: 4.5/5.0




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The 30-Year Knee Replacement

What? I need a knee replacement?

That is the first reaction of many knee arthritis patients when they are given such news. Most people who need knee replacement surgery either procrastinate having the procedure or forego it altogether, not only because it’s major surgery, but also standard knee replacements last only 10 to 15 years, therefore subsequent surgeries are likely.

Other factors of patients putting off knee replacement surgery include age (usually too young in many cases), being overweight, or being very active.

However, the 30-year knee replacement puts such concerns to rest.

Unlike standard metal artificial knees, the 30-year knee replacement is composed of ceramic over metal with tolerant plastic. The 30-year knee replacement has been on the market since 1997; however, many patients didn’t know such an option was available. Its cost is only a few hundred dollars more, but covered by most insurance plans.

The 30-year knee replacement isn’t foolproof. There is still a chance for failure, but doctors can now make sure hips and knees are properly aligned via X-rays and MRI. The surgery is followed by “hard physical therapy for about two to three months, but patients receiving the 30-year replacement start to feel normal again in around six months.

Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh has offered the 30-year knee replacement surgery for at least two years.

It is recommended that all other treatment options must be tried and exhausted before having any type of knee replacement surgery.

To see a 30-year knee replacement success story, click here.

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